Top 5 Unknown Ubuntu Hacks

Top 5 Unknown Ubuntu Hacks

1. Install tree
sudo apt-get install tree

This gives a hierarchy of files/folders from the command line. to use :

vibhu@Aum:~/Documents$ tree
├── Open Source for Enterprise.ppt
└── Open Source for Enterprise_vibhu.ppt

0 directories, 2 files

2. fortune ! Its a very old program on linux, but I still use it. Sometimes it gives some very relevant fortunes as below :)

Ubuntu unknown apps

to use it, apt-get install fortune and then add the command at the end of your ~/.bashrc file :
# randrom stuff

3. World of Warcraft !
Do you know that World of Warcraft runs quite nicely on Ubuntu ? The process is quite simple - just copy the installed World of Warcraft directory from windows to your linux system ( for me it was a copy from the windows partition to linux ) and then run it (requires wine to be installed first !). Most online resources talk about installing from the CD which is just not required.
$ wine Wow.exe -opengl

4. Install Tweak Tool
This is quite good as Ubuntu hides a lot of stuff that you are used to seeing. This makes it easy to get back those settings - like showing the mounted volumes on the desktop etc.

5. Install sl
type sl , it will have a steam locomotive go across your screen !

Ubuntu unknown apps
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