[SOLVED] No Sound in Ubuntu Problem | Latest Linux Tricks 2020

Hello friends,
If you are facing no sound problem in Ubuntu then it is probably due to installation of alsamixer .
So don't get panic.
Here is the solution...
For video solution of this problem click here

Step-1) Open terminal by Ctrl+Alt+T
Step-2)Install pulseaudio by following command:
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio
Step-3) Enter your password in terminal.
Step-4) Restart your device.
Step-5) Open sound settings and turn on sound from there.
That's it. Hopefully it works....
Thanks.... :-)
[SOLVED] No Sound in Ubuntu Problem | Latest Linux Tricks 2020 [SOLVED] No Sound in Ubuntu Problem | Latest Linux Tricks 2020 Reviewed by Sumit Bishnoi on February 12, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. My desktop unable to play video

  2. Thanks for described video , but in my case (HP laptop , ubuntu 16.04) its not working , I done sound test its work also from youtube sound is working , there is a only problem with VLC and inbuild media player , if you come across such weird case please comment here , Thanks

    1. here' s another one.... hp laptop, ubuntu 18.04

  3. This worked for me. Suddenly on Ubuntu 19.10 sound was gone, fidling with alsamixer did not work. Until I found this post.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us..........

  4. It still doesn't work... what should I do?

  5. how did you go, i am still having this problem, i have done a fresh install of ubuntu and initially it is only detected as dummy output, then did some suggested fix, i was able to display the device but no sound, although i can see the sound inidcator is moving indicating that there is an sound input.

    1. Kindly send the error details at contact@madtrickz.com
      Thanks & Regards.

    2. i dont get any error messages. just to add some more info which i am not sure if related, my mini pc have 3 ports that i have try, usb-c, display port and hdmi. and my monitor have only a dvi-d port. So i am using an hdmi to dvi-d adaptor. and my sound device displaying as hdmi/DisplayPort-Built-in-Audio


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